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Jamaican Party Flyer Design

Jammin Jamaican Party Flyer Design

Peep out the hot Flyer design I created for Zohar’s A.K.A. Captain Z’s Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Canada. Produced by HeliHeebs Productions: A great lunch get together for Pilots of Helicopters and Private Jets.

As usual locating the “Perfect images was the hardest part of creating the flyer

I had been saving the girl for just this kind of flyer, she was perfect considering it was a Jamaican theme and she was wearing a Jamaican Flag Bikini. Finding a convincing background to put her in proved more difficult. and also adding a requested helicopter to represent the pilots this party was for took just as long.

Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Flyer Design by Design@DJEmir

Flyer Design for Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Canada

I was able to find the perfect luxury helicopter and it took some time to extract it from it’s background setting and place it into the flyer. Finding the right palm trees that looked far enough in the distance to allow the helicopter to appear both behind the girl and yet in front of the trees took some time and some creativeness as the only trees I found to fit this bill were faded in pink and looked more like a snow scene. I added some color by blending in a rastafarian themed color gradient background utilizing several layers of the trees and the background in various settings to achieve the desired effect. Added in an emblem and the text and the final flyer design was a stunning work of art that I was proud to have designed.

Obviously this would also make for a great reggae party flyer.

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