Small World Shaolin

I was driving down Hampden Ave. near I25 and instead of heading home on the highway Thu-Le and I decide to go to King Soopers to pick up some food. Some jerk barely cuts us off with no signal and only a few feet of distance and turns immediately into the King Soopers parking lot I was planning on turning into. Naturally with me following the jerk into the same parking lot it looks like I may be following him looking for revenge in the form of a confrontation or fight LOL. The car in front of me veers off to the side and parks in the back section of the lot, perhaps expecting a confrontation or perhaps testing to see what I do. continue past him and park closer to the store.

I joked with Thu about how the guy probably thinks I followed him into the parking lot to argue with the guy and start a fight because how he cut me off LOL. Then Thu says “he’s lucky your a nice guy cause someone else might actually do just that. I laugh and said “besides I’m so exhausted right now my punch would probably feel like a plush toy tapping his shoulder.” Then I said “oh look lucky there’s also a cop car in the parking lot.” She responded with “if anything you are probably the most dangerous now… like a wounded tiger (referring jokingly to the Shaolin Kung Fu Black Tiger Form “wounded Tiger”) Just then I saw a familiar looking stature and walk and the profile of what looked like Shaolin student and former State trooper Shawn from the Chinese Shaolin Center. I laughed as Thu and I stepped out the car and said aloud as so Shawn could hear me “speaking of WOUNDED TIGERS it’s the state trooper” He didn’t hear me and was about to step into his car when I approached and greeted him.

We talked for a bit, talked about testing and the Shaolin school, I had thought he had already tested to 5th black but he informed me he had two sets of circumstances two years in a row that made it difficult to finis the process. He said he’d been gone for a little bit and I let him know I had returned to Kung Fu myself recently and is expected to test within the next year to 5th black so he has to be in the same cycle since he came before me perhaps we could both work on the material together. I let him know my fear that I will never understand and really learn the Drunken Kung Fu system required to test to 5th black, how I probably only have One of the many forms required in the drunken fighting system and how I’ll probably never learn them in time to test over them. Basicaly there is a long road ahead and very little time to traverse it all. I did mention I have gone been going to Monday night Black belt practice sessions and have been able to easilly go through all my material from lower belt and brown belt to first black so it might be doable to get that material out the way in one of the pretests soon but some of the Black belt material needs a little more work and the second to third and third to fourth black material has pretty much disappeared, including the Hua fist forms that I had practiced so hard to learn and polish for my previous test to 4th black. I told him I had practiced so hard that after the test I said to myself “I need a one month break from these forms” Then life got in the way and that break lasted longer than it should. I’ll never let that happen again, cause it really is true “practice as if in fear of losing it” cause most likely that’s what will happen when you stop. Some of the forms never seem to go away like the Brown belt Tiger form, the Sai Form the third crane form and the Eight Directional Broad sword form as they are fun dynamic forms that flow fluidly without too much repetition and once you’ve tested over them countless times they tend to stay with you always.

Thu told us both “See now you both have to go to Shaolin this week for sure, and you have to start getting ready to test.” I agreed.

On Monday I went again to practice night and asked myself where should I start? I answered at the beginning of course! I then proceeded to start with all the White belt through Brown Belt material starting of course with the 30 Lohan Short forms. I was able to go through them all easily as far as technique and stance work with the exception of my endurance. By the end of the 30 Lohan short forms I was exhausted, my neck veigns were pumping hard in my throat and my throat was also craving a cold drink of water.

Someone asked if I was going over short forms cause I was testing on the pretest this Sunday, I laughed I could probably remember most of my material but I probably don’t have the stamina right now to do the whole test in a row and I probably will have a few spots I may have problems with Once I reach the First Black Belt Material as I no longer have it well polished. I proceeded to get a drink of water hen returned to finish all the other forms and techniques required to test to Brown belt. After that I continued and went over all the Brown belt forms which went pretty smoothly minus a few minor set backs on two of the eighteen forms.

Now I have to decide whether to start the testing process earlier than I had originally planned. I was planning on starting the process the normal time in December but if I tackle it sooner I can concentrate more on the 4th-5th black material for a longer period of time. Decisions, decisions…

No matter what, it’s a small world or at least Denver is a small town, I even mentioned how the previous week I was driving from the Tech Center to Shaolin and there next to me all the way from the Tech Center to Spear Ave was 5th Degree Black Belt, Master Derick driving alongside me LOL. Small world, small city.

For those that would like to attend Kung Fu classes you can visit the

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu School at 4012 W. 38th Ave. Denver CO. 80212 (38th & Perry)

The Boulder Kung Fu School at 2872 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80301


For other Schools check out

Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Center Free Trial Month offer Flyer

Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Center Free Trial Month offer Flyer


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