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Amazing Denver Wedding DJ Services

Choosing your wedding vendors is no easy task. I know since I helped a few brides out in the past and also helped a few family members with a few wedding planning details. The most important things are your venue, Photographers, caterers and Entertainment. But many brides are burnt out just trying to pick a dress and the flower arangement and lets face it by the time they pick their entertainment they are practically tossing a coin in the air heads or tails or picking by eenie meenie miny mo and they sometimes end up catching a tiger by the toe. The reality is you really need to find good entertainment or all the other hard spent dollars will go to waste when your guests end up leaving much earlier than expected.

I attended a wedding recently as a guest instead of their DJ because they already had hired their DJ before they found out how good I was at Hong’s wedding. People still say her wedding was one of the more fun weddings they attended. One of the a couple there that was getting married the very next weekend at the same wedding venue that immediately said “we want DJ Emir as our DJ too!” Their budget was already spent however and they wavered a little on price since they already had a band. But lets face it bands take long breaks and a DJ to fill those breaks makes perfect sense. They realized this when I Deejayed Hongs wedding with the band, I’d pack the dancefloor the Band would want to jump on to get in on the action they’d keep the crowd for a few songs lose a little bit of them Then I’d build it up again and so it went throughout the night. Once the couple realized that was a winning dynamic they wanted me as part of their wedding as well. Unfortunately the Dad wasn’t willin g to pay the price at such short notice, I don’t blame him. So he said next wedding they’de pick me up earlier for sure. But the Band (same exact band by the way) just wasn’t enough by themselves, the in between music was too random and even cut out a few times. It was nowhere near the same dynamic.

A few weeks after again same venue and the same band with mostly the same crowd, since the brides were all cousins but a different DJ still similar results, the DJ was missing many of DJ Emir’s signature traits but one trait in particular that makes all the difference… a strong ability to read the crowd and move the crowd. Over half the people left this time around 9:30PM way too early for a party that started at 6pm and the party was completely done by 10pm. Morale of the story even if you hire a band hore a good DJ to compliment the band and keep the party rocking all night.

PS: the DJ for the 3rd party that couldn’t keep the crowd just happened to be one of the top Voted DJ companies on the A-List so don’t believe the hype, those vote for me sites aren’t the end all be all of referal sites. Popularity doesn’t always equate to skills. Many wedding DJs are press play type DJs, not all of them mix and blend songs, create their own remixes or even know how to read a crowd. They have a list of songs that tend to work most of the time and that helps them slide by for most weddings. Wheras a true professional can feel a crowd out and start catering the party towards the likes of the majority of the crowd keeping the everyone engaged and getting the minority to quickly follow suit so the entire event turns out amazing. Here is a sample video of my own mixes with some footage and pictures from various wedding parties and events that shocases the mixing abilities and crowd control that keeps events fun, engaging and entertaining.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

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Organizing new Laptop for serato

The first laptop I ever set up serato scratch live on I received so much conflicting advice from my friends who all had different set ups. Some used itunes then just hit import Itunes library others used multiple folders and a few just had one huge folder. I started using Itunes then was told it’s better to just set up your music folders and import them into serato, so I switched to that then I was told once again that itunes was the better way to go so I switched back. The problem with using itunes is if you want to delete a track completely you have to delete it from serato and then again from itunes library. You also have to make sure you uncheck the let Itunes manage yoru files option or it will move the file to a new folder if you change the track name or the artist name etc.

I am now getting ready to organize my libnrary onto my new laptop and once again I am looking into what the best set up is for serato. How do most DJs set up their serato library and what will be best for ease of use and performance.

The consensus seems to be either use Itunes or put all the files into one single folder rather than trying to organize all the files into seperate folders. The reason it’s better to have just one folder is that Serato has the ability to create crates / folders within serato and certain songs fit multiple genres and or crates. If you organize the library within serato it will allow you to have a single mp3 file exist in multiple crates without you needing to physicaly copy it into several folders. Thus one file exists rather than 2, 3 or more copies which keeps your actual library smaller than if you were to try and organize your files into crates outside of serato then bring all those folders into serato.

I have had problems with a few files in the past when I used folders and tried to import stuff from a usb stick so I ended up using Itunes and the import itunes library instead.

I’m still doing my research but the consensus seems to be that Serato has gotten better at managing your crates over the years so it’s better to do all the organizing in serato.