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Denver Prom Season Is Almost Here

Prom Season is getting ready to roll out and if you are part of your school’s prom planning committee and still haven’t picked out a great DJ for your junior and senior prom then it’s time to pick out one of the best DJs in the state.

We have several traditional DJs that know how to rock great parties, schools and nightclubs with the hottest music and have school safe song lists to steer away from trouble during the prom while still keeping the vibe energetic and fun for the kids and teachers. Our DJs are actual party rockers on real turntables with Serato and or Traktor DVS (Digital Vinyl Emulation Software) so they still mix and cut and scratch just like they used to when Vinyl was king on Technics turntables but now with the ability to access a huge song library of over 30,000 songs from today and the hits of yesteryear.

Make your prom spectacular and extremely fun with a great DJ this year.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation or to book your DJ today at:

DJ Emir Santana Pioneer DJM S9 and Technics 1200 Turntable set up

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Here is a sample of one of our first pick DJs: DJ Emir of Denver Colorado
His website is and he is our main DJ and part owner of
Denver’s Best Djs.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

PS: For those of you that tend to chose your DJ only by price we say this as a warning. Don’t get stuck with the DJ Below because you decided to “Go with Someone Cheaper” sometimes “Cheaper ends up costing way more.”