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Denver Prom Season Is Almost Here

Prom Season is getting ready to roll out and if you are part of your school’s prom planning committee and still haven’t picked out a great DJ for your junior and senior prom then it’s time to pick out one of the best DJs in the state.

We have several traditional DJs that know how to rock great parties, schools and nightclubs with the hottest music and have school safe song lists to steer away from trouble during the prom while still keeping the vibe energetic and fun for the kids and teachers. Our DJs are actual party rockers on real turntables with Serato and or Traktor DVS (Digital Vinyl Emulation Software) so they still mix and cut and scratch just like they used to when Vinyl was king on Technics turntables but now with the ability to access a huge song library of over 30,000 songs from today and the hits of yesteryear.

Make your prom spectacular and extremely fun with a great DJ this year.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation or to book your DJ today at:

DJ Emir Santana Pioneer DJM S9 and Technics 1200 Turntable set up

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Here is a sample of one of our first pick DJs: DJ Emir of Denver Colorado
His website is and he is our main DJ and part owner of
Denver’s Best Djs.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

PS: For those of you that tend to chose your DJ only by price we say this as a warning. Don’t get stuck with the DJ Below because you decided to “Go with Someone Cheaper” sometimes “Cheaper ends up costing way more.”


Amazing Denver Wedding DJ Services

Choosing your wedding vendors is no easy task. I know since I helped a few brides out in the past and also helped a few family members with a few wedding planning details. The most important things are your venue, Photographers, caterers and Entertainment. But many brides are burnt out just trying to pick a dress and the flower arangement and lets face it by the time they pick their entertainment they are practically tossing a coin in the air heads or tails or picking by eenie meenie miny mo and they sometimes end up catching a tiger by the toe. The reality is you really need to find good entertainment or all the other hard spent dollars will go to waste when your guests end up leaving much earlier than expected.

I attended a wedding recently as a guest instead of their DJ because they already had hired their DJ before they found out how good I was at Hong’s wedding. People still say her wedding was one of the more fun weddings they attended. One of the a couple there that was getting married the very next weekend at the same wedding venue that immediately said “we want DJ Emir as our DJ too!” Their budget was already spent however and they wavered a little on price since they already had a band. But lets face it bands take long breaks and a DJ to fill those breaks makes perfect sense. They realized this when I Deejayed Hongs wedding with the band, I’d pack the dancefloor the Band would want to jump on to get in on the action they’d keep the crowd for a few songs lose a little bit of them Then I’d build it up again and so it went throughout the night. Once the couple realized that was a winning dynamic they wanted me as part of their wedding as well. Unfortunately the Dad wasn’t willin g to pay the price at such short notice, I don’t blame him. So he said next wedding they’de pick me up earlier for sure. But the Band (same exact band by the way) just wasn’t enough by themselves, the in between music was too random and even cut out a few times. It was nowhere near the same dynamic.

A few weeks after again same venue and the same band with mostly the same crowd, since the brides were all cousins but a different DJ still similar results, the DJ was missing many of DJ Emir’s signature traits but one trait in particular that makes all the difference… a strong ability to read the crowd and move the crowd. Over half the people left this time around 9:30PM way too early for a party that started at 6pm and the party was completely done by 10pm. Morale of the story even if you hire a band hore a good DJ to compliment the band and keep the party rocking all night.

PS: the DJ for the 3rd party that couldn’t keep the crowd just happened to be one of the top Voted DJ companies on the A-List so don’t believe the hype, those vote for me sites aren’t the end all be all of referal sites. Popularity doesn’t always equate to skills. Many wedding DJs are press play type DJs, not all of them mix and blend songs, create their own remixes or even know how to read a crowd. They have a list of songs that tend to work most of the time and that helps them slide by for most weddings. Wheras a true professional can feel a crowd out and start catering the party towards the likes of the majority of the crowd keeping the everyone engaged and getting the minority to quickly follow suit so the entire event turns out amazing. Here is a sample video of my own mixes with some footage and pictures from various wedding parties and events that shocases the mixing abilities and crowd control that keeps events fun, engaging and entertaining.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

Call DJ Emir to book your event today! 1-303-995-0875

New Years Eve DJ In Denver

In need of a New Year’s Eve DJ in Denver? We have exactly what you need. We have several of Denver’s hot DJs ready to make your New year’s Eve party a blast.

Don’t delay we only have a few DJs left for New Year’s Eve which is right around the corner. Give us a call at 1-303-995-0875


Check Out DJ Emir and his associates at and at

Denver's Best DJs

Denver’s Best DJs

Denver's International DJ Emir Santana Available For New Years Eve

Denver’s International DJ Emir Santana, Available for New Years Eve and Christmas Parties Call now to reserve 1-303-995-0875

Denver's Best DJs

Denver’s Best DJs Call 303-995-0875 to book an amazing DJ Now!


Created this set of amazing flyer designs for Copperhead Road Bar in Colorado Springs Colorado for their Tipsy Tuesdays Penny Pitcher Night and their Winging It Wednesdays Buffalo Wing night Hump Day Party night. As always, get amazing flyer designs, … Continue reading

The Secret Halloween Party

The Secret Nightclub Denver Halloween Party and Grand Opening Party Flyer

Denver’s Hot New Secret Nightclub. The Secret, starts off with a huge Halloween Weekend Party on Saturday October 27th at Pisco Sour with DJ Emir

The Secret Nightclub Halloween Party and Grand Opening Party October 27th 2012 at Pisco Sour 8501. E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO.

Flyer Designs by

The Secret Nightclub Denver Saturday Nights with DJ Emir

The Secret Nightclub Denver Saturday Nights with DJ Emir

The Secret Nightclub Denver Colorado Grand Opening Party Saturday October 27th Halloween Weekend 2012 with DJ Emir Santana. Model Search every Saturday! We are looking for the most beautiful women in Colorado! We also need intern promoters for more info call 720-422-3619 or

email “peroger @” (remove space)

Make sure to dress in your coolest, sexiest and scariest Halloween costumes. Get in free with costume before 11pm! Ladies Drink Free Moscato! $5 Beer Pitchers, $5 Long Islands, $5 Blue Hawaiians All Bottles Only $75 before 11pm! With DJ Emir spinning the hottest Hip Hop, reggae, Reggaeton, Rare Grooves, Salsa and Merengue.

For Flyer Designs visit or call 303-995-0875

Colorado Wedding DJ and Lighting Specialists

When you simply need to have a great DJ and a great experience at your wedding you can count on Denver Colorado’s premium wedding Audio and Lighting specialists at give us a call at 303-995-0875 or email design[at] to schedule a consultation meeting to discuss the design of your dream wedding.

Ashley's Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center

Ashley’s Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center

When it comes to weddings your entertainment and lighting can be the one thing people remember the most. It is also the biggest factor in your guest’s decision to stay longer and enjoy your special day with you. Why is it often one of the last decisions many couples make? Of all the things at your wedding reception, the things that will be most important are the Food, The Entertainment and having a great photographer and videographer to record / take pictures of the event. We have you covered with great DJs, amazing lighting and if you need it we also have access to many great photographers.

Ashley's Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center Dancing with the Little Lady

Ashley’s Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center Dancing with the Little Lady

Lets face it, Brides and Grooms often neglect these important steps in the wedding plan because there are just too many things to research when designing a great wedding. It’s an exhausting process when you decide to plan your own wedding. Often, Brides and Grooms are exhausted just deciding on the visual factors of the wedding. From deciding on a great wedding dress to the dresses and suits of the bride’s maids and groomsmen to the color schemes of the decor and the flowers. By the time they research wedding DJs and mobile DJs they are already too exhausted to actually note the major differences between regular DJs and amazing DJs as well as the major difference in visual quality of a professional sound and lighting company versus just a regular run of the mill mobile DJ.

You can rest assured you never have to worry about the entertainment and lighting as we at have you covered with a professional full service sound and lighting package that includes some of the best DJs in the state along with a full sound and  lighting rig that looks and sounds amazing at any intensity level and at any size event.

We also have a set of professional wedding photographers available to record your event at an affordable price. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our wedding entertainment specialists. 303-995-0875

Ashley's Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center

Ashley’s Wedding at Red Lion Hotel Denver Tech Center – Wedding Cake Cutting

We are conveniently located in the Denver Tech Center, Near Comfort Dental Amphitheater, just off the I25 and Orchard Road near the I25 and I225 junction. We can meet you anywhere near the Denver Tech Center or in the Denver Metro Area. We can also discuss things by phone or email if it is more convenient for you. Serving Denver Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Parker, Castle Rock, Cherry Creek, Arvada, Englewood and all parts of Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states. Call to book your amazing Denver DJ today at 303-995-0875.

Colorado Wildfires Still Rage Out of Control: Mapping of the Fires

Colorado Wildfires Rage Out of Control: Here is a Mapping of The Wildfires for the Past Few Days

Things are heating up and getting really hectic in Colorado. Wild fires continue to rage and threaten thousand of homes and families. The mapping of the fire near Pikes Peak and it’s spread per day is shown below. In addition a few small fires near Boulder Colorado have also sprung up in the past few days. Colorado is now in Danger North, South and West. We are hoping for some more heavy rain to come our way soon to help with the fire fighting efforts. Several groups are holding minor and major charity events to help supply food, water and supplies to the families that have been displaced. We are also taking donations to help efforts. You can write in your own amount for even as little as $1 US.

You can send donations to
DJ Emir Flyer Design Email Address


The huge fire now threatens the City of Colorado Springs


On The Other End of Colorado, Boulder is also fighting a much smaller fire near Colorado University Boulder Campus

June 23

The fire began in a remote area near Pikes Peak called Waldo Canyon, and burned vigorously. As a precaution, 11,000 residents of Manitou Springs, Cascade, Chipita Park and Green Mountain Falls were evacuated.


Picture of the heat signatures and fire spread on June 23rd 2012

June 24

On Sunday, the Waldo Canyon fire burned down the slope toward Fountain Creek and U.S. Highway 24, threatening buildings in the town of Cascade at the foot of Pikes Peak. Residents of Manitou Springs were allowed to return to their homes.


Picture of the heat signatures and fire spread on June 24th 2012

June 25

Fire burned in a narrow path northward toward Rampart Reservoir. But on its southeast flank, it also moved toward a gated community near the Garden of the Gods, and 6,000 people are evacuated.


Picture of the heat signatures and fire spread on June 25th 2012

June 26

On Tuesday, the Waldo Canyon fire doubled in size to 24 square miles, and raced east toward Colorado Springs. The entire northwest section of the city was evacuated, some 32,000 residents. Dozens of homes were destroyed in Mountain Shadows. The Flying W Ranch, a historic banquet hall, burned to the ground.


Picture of the heat signatures and fire spread on June 26th 2012

June 27

On Wednesday, the fire was burning on the southwest corner of the Air Force Academy. Rain began to fall in the residential areas, but with it also come some stronger winds and lightning that hampered firefighters.

Colorado Fires Spread June 27th

Map image of the Colorado Fires and Their Spread By June 27th

To help with the efforts you can find several charities including Red Cross to make donations to.

You can also send anything you can to help relieve efforts by making a donation through us through our paypal account even donating as little as $1 You can send donations to
DJ Emir Flyer Design Email Address