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Hot Valentine’s Day Flyer Designs

If you need a hot Valentine’s Day Party Flyer design or DJ we have you covered on both! Our DJ services will provide a great mix of amazing music for any party.  And the graphic design department at is always ready to create amazing flyer designs throughout the year. Our flyer designs and dj services stand out and get your events and promotions noticed!

If you need a great DJ for a store promotion or an event or you need a hot flyer design to you can contact our company at or 303-995-0875

We can design anything you need from Logos and Tshirts to amazing seasonal or special event flyers and posters for all your yearly events. Valentine’s Day flyers tend to come out particularly amazing with all the vibrant reds, whites, golds and pinks that prevail on most of these amazing valentines day flyers. We have a strong collection of past valentine’s day flyer designs as well as a ton of spectacular images we have collected over the years to continue creating even more spectacular. Check out some of our past Valentine’s Day flyer designs below.

Amazing Valentine's Day Eve Party Flyer Design

Amazing Valentine’s Day Eve Party Flyer Design

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Valentine's Day Party Flyer Design Denver Colorado Springs CO

Valentine’s Day Party Flyer Design Denver Colorado Springs CO

Valentine's Day Party Flyer Design Australia

Valentine’s Day Party Flyer Design Australia


Graduation Party DJ Denver Colorado

Lets face it You only graduate once from High School and you want to make the celebration party epic! Every year we supply the best party experiences for hundreds of graduating High School students in Denver and around the country looking to make their graduation parties and prom parties epic parties to remember. When you want an amazing DJ that really knows how to entertain parties of all kinds with unique mixes, scratches and party remixes you need DJ Emir at 303-995-0875 or email


Well in reality, you only graduate from High School Once that is unless of course you have that horrible nightmare, like I sometimes do, where for whatever reason they contact you and tell you that you need to go back to High School to finish a few classes for some stupid reason  even though you already graduated from college. And no matter how many times you keep trying to say “But I already have a Bachelors Degree from College” they keep telling you sorry you still need to go back and finish these 3 or 4 classes LOL Horrible dream, Horrible! And it feels so damned real you even feel like you’re late for class again and really do have to go back to High School LOL.

Lets face it, there are a few of you out there that could use some more education when it comes to writing posts on Facebook and in chat rooms, not knowing the difference between their, there and they’re or your, you’re and YUZ just kidding LOL. As Homer Simpson would say: But I digest. Oops I mean… But I digress…

Those of you that do deserve to wear that cap and gown and deserve to receive that high school diploma also deserve a great party to go with it! Call us to schedule your amazing graduation party today at 303-995-0875  or email

College Graduates also deserve a great party so if you graduate from college and want to throw an epic graduation party hit us up as well for one of the Best DJs in the states!

Denver Prom Season Is Almost Here

Prom Season is getting ready to roll out and if you are part of your school’s prom planning committee and still haven’t picked out a great DJ for your junior and senior prom then it’s time to pick out one of the best DJs in the state.

We have several traditional DJs that know how to rock great parties, schools and nightclubs with the hottest music and have school safe song lists to steer away from trouble during the prom while still keeping the vibe energetic and fun for the kids and teachers. Our DJs are actual party rockers on real turntables with Serato and or Traktor DVS (Digital Vinyl Emulation Software) so they still mix and cut and scratch just like they used to when Vinyl was king on Technics turntables but now with the ability to access a huge song library of over 30,000 songs from today and the hits of yesteryear.

Make your prom spectacular and extremely fun with a great DJ this year.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation or to book your DJ today at:

DJ Emir Santana Pioneer DJM S9 and Technics 1200 Turntable set up

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Pioneer DJM-S9 with Technics 1200mk5 Turntables and Serato Laptop software setup

Here is a sample of one of our first pick DJs: DJ Emir of Denver Colorado
His website is and he is our main DJ and part owner of
Denver’s Best Djs.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

PS: For those of you that tend to chose your DJ only by price we say this as a warning. Don’t get stuck with the DJ Below because you decided to “Go with Someone Cheaper” sometimes “Cheaper ends up costing way more.”


Amazing Denver Wedding DJ Services

Choosing your wedding vendors is no easy task. I know since I helped a few brides out in the past and also helped a few family members with a few wedding planning details. The most important things are your venue, Photographers, caterers and Entertainment. But many brides are burnt out just trying to pick a dress and the flower arangement and lets face it by the time they pick their entertainment they are practically tossing a coin in the air heads or tails or picking by eenie meenie miny mo and they sometimes end up catching a tiger by the toe. The reality is you really need to find good entertainment or all the other hard spent dollars will go to waste when your guests end up leaving much earlier than expected.

I attended a wedding recently as a guest instead of their DJ because they already had hired their DJ before they found out how good I was at Hong’s wedding. People still say her wedding was one of the more fun weddings they attended. One of the a couple there that was getting married the very next weekend at the same wedding venue that immediately said “we want DJ Emir as our DJ too!” Their budget was already spent however and they wavered a little on price since they already had a band. But lets face it bands take long breaks and a DJ to fill those breaks makes perfect sense. They realized this when I Deejayed Hongs wedding with the band, I’d pack the dancefloor the Band would want to jump on to get in on the action they’d keep the crowd for a few songs lose a little bit of them Then I’d build it up again and so it went throughout the night. Once the couple realized that was a winning dynamic they wanted me as part of their wedding as well. Unfortunately the Dad wasn’t willin g to pay the price at such short notice, I don’t blame him. So he said next wedding they’de pick me up earlier for sure. But the Band (same exact band by the way) just wasn’t enough by themselves, the in between music was too random and even cut out a few times. It was nowhere near the same dynamic.

A few weeks after again same venue and the same band with mostly the same crowd, since the brides were all cousins but a different DJ still similar results, the DJ was missing many of DJ Emir’s signature traits but one trait in particular that makes all the difference… a strong ability to read the crowd and move the crowd. Over half the people left this time around 9:30PM way too early for a party that started at 6pm and the party was completely done by 10pm. Morale of the story even if you hire a band hore a good DJ to compliment the band and keep the party rocking all night.

PS: the DJ for the 3rd party that couldn’t keep the crowd just happened to be one of the top Voted DJ companies on the A-List so don’t believe the hype, those vote for me sites aren’t the end all be all of referal sites. Popularity doesn’t always equate to skills. Many wedding DJs are press play type DJs, not all of them mix and blend songs, create their own remixes or even know how to read a crowd. They have a list of songs that tend to work most of the time and that helps them slide by for most weddings. Wheras a true professional can feel a crowd out and start catering the party towards the likes of the majority of the crowd keeping the everyone engaged and getting the minority to quickly follow suit so the entire event turns out amazing. Here is a sample video of my own mixes with some footage and pictures from various wedding parties and events that shocases the mixing abilities and crowd control that keeps events fun, engaging and entertaining.

DJ Emir Denver Wedding DJ Services from DJ Emir on Vimeo.

Call DJ Emir to book your event today! 1-303-995-0875