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More Amazing Flyer Designs for All Occasions

Even More Amazing Flyer Designs for All Types of Occasions

Here are a few more flyer designs for all types of occasions including Models and Bottles flyers, Bollywood St. Patrick’s Day flyers, Memorial Day Flyers, Christmas flyers and Late night Happy Hour Mix flyer design.

Check out a few of the amazing flyer designs we created in the past year. You can clearly see our flyer designs stand out thanks to their meticulous attention to detail, elegant typography and amazing blends of various images and backgrounds.

The Bottles up Flyer design is a Models and Bottles style party flyer design that features a very elegant Gold and White Color scheme on the front side and a dynamic and elegant Gold and Black color scheme on the back with Red highlights and elegant fonts.

The Green and Gold Bollywood St Patrick’s Day Flyers really pop with a strong green and gold color scheme and beautiful typography and images.

The Stax Memorial Day Birthday Bash flyer design features a strong Red White and Blue Color Scheme flyer design with American Flag and fireworks backgrounds and typography and women and men in Military and naval hats and uniforms

Our Christmas in Da Hood Flyer design features Christmas tree background and women in Christmas / santa style bikinis with fuzzy white trim and Christmas style font choices for a strongelegent yet hood Christmas Party Flyer that really pops off the page.

And finally, our Late night Happy Hour Flyer design features a late night neon sign style typography treatment and images to match the Late night Happy Hour theme.

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Hot Valentine’s Day Flyer Designs

If you need a hot Valentine’s Day Party Flyer design or DJ we have you covered on both! Our DJ services will provide a great mix of amazing music for any party.  And the graphic design department at is always ready to create amazing flyer designs throughout the year. Our flyer designs and dj services stand out and get your events and promotions noticed!

If you need a great DJ for a store promotion or an event or you need a hot flyer design to you can contact our company at or 303-995-0875

We can design anything you need from Logos and Tshirts to amazing seasonal or special event flyers and posters for all your yearly events. Valentine’s Day flyers tend to come out particularly amazing with all the vibrant reds, whites, golds and pinks that prevail on most of these amazing valentines day flyers. We have a strong collection of past valentine’s day flyer designs as well as a ton of spectacular images we have collected over the years to continue creating even more spectacular. Check out some of our past Valentine’s Day flyer designs below.

Amazing Valentine's Day Eve Party Flyer Design

Amazing Valentine’s Day Eve Party Flyer Design

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Valentine's Day Party Flyer Design Denver Colorado Springs CO

Valentine’s Day Party Flyer Design Denver Colorado Springs CO

Valentine's Day Party Flyer Design Australia

Valentine’s Day Party Flyer Design Australia


Labor Day White Party Flyer Designs

I know it’s only the beginning of summer right now but throwing an all white party for labor day takes a little extra time since you want to give people the time to pick up their fly white outfits and suits. You want to pack the night with beautiful people all decked out in white and that takes a little extra effort which means promotions have to start at least right after 4th of July if not even earlier during your memorial day events. If you need an amazing White Party Flyer designs or any the of Summer design for that matter we have some of the best designs in the country at and

We can also design amazing flyers for you throughout the year whether they be Christmas white parties or themed parties of any kind we can design anything you need to make your events amazing. I’ve included a few other White Parties done throughout the year including the Christmas White Parties but we can design Red Party flyers, Pink party flyers all Black Party flyers, Green and Gold St Patrick’s day Parties and much more.

We have a 3-5 Business day Turnaround on initial design for most designs with revisions adding an extra day or two per revision so plan accordingly.

Rush Flyer Design service is also available: If You are behind schedule or simply cannot wait for your design to come back because you simply want to start promoting immediately you can always use our Rush Order Flyer design service at: and get 1-2 day Initial Design Turnaround and Rush priority on revisions as well to try and keep revisions same day or next day if possible on all rush orders (depending on our rush order schedule.

As soon as you make payment be sure to send over all information to our email address


Flyer Design for The 3rd Annual White Me Down Affair All White Party


Flyer Design For The 4th Annual White Me Down Affair All White Party


All White Plush Party Flyer Designs


All White Red Carpet Gospel Christmas Party Flyer Design Front


All White Red Carpet Gospel Christmas Party Flyer Design Back


Entice The Night All White Party Flyer Design

The Country White And Ugly Sweater Dual Flyer Design and The Sexy Santa Christmas Party Flyer design went through 3 Major Revisions and quite a few minor revisions as well before being approved for the final design. Personally I like each and every one of them Our customer however hated the first two stating after seeing the second one that he never ever wants any guys on any of his flyer designs EVER! Personally thought the humerus guy with the ugly sweater really sold the Ugly sweater concept and kind of made it look like he photo bombed the Country White Party design which really helps catch a person’s attention and makes the flyer stand out in a bunch f flyers which really is what you want your flyers to do. It’s an artistic process and I made an artistic decision that didn’t go over well with my client it was a rush job that ended up with several revisions making for a very hectic Christmas time. Everyone I have shown them to think all three are amazing flyer designs and they love em all and I tend to agree with that. And the extra stress of searching through tons of ugly sweater pictures to find the perfect replacement models for the second and 3rd revisions of the ugly sweater portion of the flyer just really wasn’t necessary if you ask me. But it was what the client wanted so that’s what we did.

I had similar issues with the same client for Mardi Gras, 4th of July, New Years Eve and Halloween where each flyer simply had way too many revision requests and small nitpicks like adding a cowboy hat to each design for flyer designs that were already amazing and really should not have required revisions. The 4th of July flyer they ended up using the first revision that they had previously rejected on the following year rather than redesigning the flyer. I had already put in a ton of time changing the girls outfits from Green Army Fatigues to Red White and Blue to match the theme and had spent tons of time searching for the perfect models, american flags fonts and backgrounds to blend together to create an amazing 4th of July flyer (pictured below) to just have them say they didn’t like the Captain America girl and rather have a bikini girl in a cowboy hat on he second side. I was floored when I heard that. And yet after I went through all this the next year what did I see on their facebook page but the very flyer they ripped on pictured below. Seriously? Maybe someone talked some sense into him about the design but wish they’de have done that earlier to save me a bunch of grief doing revisions on the flyer in a short period of time since they were always in a rush as usual.

Red White And Blue 4th of July American Independence Day Flyer designs

Red White And Blue 4th of July American Independence Day Flyer designs Colorado Springs Colorado USA

Apparently it was good enough for the next year but the previous year it just absolutely had to be revised to include a chick in a country hat on both sides of the flyer even though the flyer was perfect for 4th of July and the second side had plenty of girls in cowboy hats to indicate that this was a country bar. They still made me go through headaches redesigning it for nothing so at that point we parted ways. Probably no one will ever read my entire rant but I had to get it off my chest anyway LOL I had gone through 2 years worth of flyer designs for every single month and major holiday with them and almost every flyer had to have some revisions, some for good reasons but many others for very ludicrous reasons at times.


Country White Christmas Ugly Sweater and Sexy Santa Party Flyer designs Revision 1


Country White Christmas Ugly Sweater and Sexy Santa Party Flyer designs Revision 2


Country White Christmas Ugly Sweater and Sexy Santa Party Flyer designs Revision 3

Graduation Party DJ Denver Colorado

Lets face it You only graduate once from High School and you want to make the celebration party epic! Every year we supply the best party experiences for hundreds of graduating High School students in Denver and around the country looking to make their graduation parties and prom parties epic parties to remember. When you want an amazing DJ that really knows how to entertain parties of all kinds with unique mixes, scratches and party remixes you need DJ Emir at 303-995-0875 or email


Well in reality, you only graduate from High School Once that is unless of course you have that horrible nightmare, like I sometimes do, where for whatever reason they contact you and tell you that you need to go back to High School to finish a few classes for some stupid reason  even though you already graduated from college. And no matter how many times you keep trying to say “But I already have a Bachelors Degree from College” they keep telling you sorry you still need to go back and finish these 3 or 4 classes LOL Horrible dream, Horrible! And it feels so damned real you even feel like you’re late for class again and really do have to go back to High School LOL.

Lets face it, there are a few of you out there that could use some more education when it comes to writing posts on Facebook and in chat rooms, not knowing the difference between their, there and they’re or your, you’re and YUZ just kidding LOL. As Homer Simpson would say: But I digest. Oops I mean… But I digress…

Those of you that do deserve to wear that cap and gown and deserve to receive that high school diploma also deserve a great party to go with it! Call us to schedule your amazing graduation party today at 303-995-0875  or email

College Graduates also deserve a great party so if you graduate from college and want to throw an epic graduation party hit us up as well for one of the Best DJs in the states!

Organizing new Laptop for serato

The first laptop I ever set up serato scratch live on I received so much conflicting advice from my friends who all had different set ups. Some used itunes then just hit import Itunes library others used multiple folders and a few just had one huge folder. I started using Itunes then was told it’s better to just set up your music folders and import them into serato, so I switched to that then I was told once again that itunes was the better way to go so I switched back. The problem with using itunes is if you want to delete a track completely you have to delete it from serato and then again from itunes library. You also have to make sure you uncheck the let Itunes manage yoru files option or it will move the file to a new folder if you change the track name or the artist name etc.

I am now getting ready to organize my libnrary onto my new laptop and once again I am looking into what the best set up is for serato. How do most DJs set up their serato library and what will be best for ease of use and performance.

The consensus seems to be either use Itunes or put all the files into one single folder rather than trying to organize all the files into seperate folders. The reason it’s better to have just one folder is that Serato has the ability to create crates / folders within serato and certain songs fit multiple genres and or crates. If you organize the library within serato it will allow you to have a single mp3 file exist in multiple crates without you needing to physicaly copy it into several folders. Thus one file exists rather than 2, 3 or more copies which keeps your actual library smaller than if you were to try and organize your files into crates outside of serato then bring all those folders into serato.

I have had problems with a few files in the past when I used folders and tried to import stuff from a usb stick so I ended up using Itunes and the import itunes library instead.

I’m still doing my research but the consensus seems to be that Serato has gotten better at managing your crates over the years so it’s better to do all the organizing in serato.

New Year’s Eve Bollywood Ball Flyer Design

Bollywood New Years Eve Flyer Design

Bollywood New Years Eve Flyer Design

New Year’s Eve Bollywood Flyer Design. Get amazing flyer designs and graphics at 303-995-0875
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Tupac And DJ Emir Birthday June 16th

June 16th Marked the Birth of 2 of Hip Hop’s Greats. Tupac Shakur and DJ Emir Santana. Be on the look out for the DJ Emir Tupac Mixtape available exclusively at and to hire DJ Emir for your birthday party, wedding or nightclub in Denver or around the world call 303-995-0875 or email us at

DJ Emir Flyer Design Email Address

2pac DJ Emir Tupac Birthday Party Flyer Design

Tupac And DJ Emir Birthday Party Flyer Design