DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape has made some serious moves in the mixtape world. Grabing awards all over the internet and in magazines everywhere. The Transformers Mixtape even snatched up the top prize as VIP Nightclub Magazine 2008 Mixtape of the Year with DJ Emir himself also receiving the award for DJ of The Year.

The Transformers Mixtape features over 60 tracks of hot Hip Hop Reggae and Mashup Remix blendsin an 80 minute party mixtape CD format. This amazing CD also features the voices of Optimus Prime and the Autobots as they attempt to defeat the decepticons, and their philosophy on the battle andthe salvation of the Human Race.

Ton’s of great sound clips from the 2007  hit movie Transformers are sprinkled throughout and properly integrated into this hot transformers mixtape. Glued together by amazing DJ mixes and a ton of remix blends to create not just a mixtape but an experience that makes one want to go back and watch the movie again and again.

Mixtape of The Year Article for DJ Emir's Transformers Mixtape

Mixtape of The Year Article for DJ Emir's Transformers Mixtape

 DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape runs the full gambit from Top 40 pop classics and Reggae to the crunkest Hip Hop Music on the planet. A great mix from start to finish that is sure to leave every listener wanting to revisit this ultra hot mixtape over and over again and feinding for more Mixtapes in DJ Emir’s hot party mix mixtape series

Even before this hot mixtape DJ Emir had begun traveling around the world touring several countries including the United States, China, Grenada, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The extra recognition gained through Emir’s incredible Transformers Mixtape and it’s ultra hot succesor the Iron Man Mixtape has lead to even bigger tours and more nightclub performances around the world.

2008 DJ of The Year Article in VIP Nightclub Magazine Fall 2008 Issue

2008 DJ of The Year Article in VIP Nightclub Magazine Fall 2008 Issue

 With both articles for Mixtape of The Year and DJ of The Year, amazing nightclub performances and mixtape fans all across the globe, DJ Emir has become one of the most sought after DJs in the world and continues to produce ultra hot mixtapes for all his fans. DJ Emir’s Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute quickly became known as the best Michael Jackson Tribute Mix in the world and introduced a few new fans to DJ Emir’s other mixtapes. Now with the introduction of Transformers 2: revenge of the fallen in the Movie theaters, the giant success of DJ Emir’s Iron man Mixtape , the praise of DJ Emir’s Michael Jackson Mixtape and the increased exposure received from the Transformers Mixtape becoming the 2008 Mixtape of the year Emir’s Transformers Mixtape is seeing a new rejuvinated interest from newer DJ Emir Mixtape Fans that didn’t already have their own copy of the Transformers Mixtape.

To get your copy of DJ Emir’s incredible mixtape the Transformers Mixtape visit or the home page at

To Book DJ Emir at your next Michael Jackson Party, Transformers Party,
Iron Man Party, Nightclub or Special Event Call 303 995-0875

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