DJ Emir Mixtapes higher level of mixing and production set them appeart from ordinary mixtapes. The level of commitment and dedication each mixtape receives during every step of the mixtape’s creation and production, from choosing the songs and laying out the song programming, to the DJ Mixes themselves , final production, as well as Graphic Design of the covers ensures that every mixtape available at www.djemir.com is of the highest qualityand is a guaranteed party banger.

While many Mixtape DJs concentrate on pushing out low quality mixtapes at alarming rates, DJ Emir has always emphasized Quality over Quantity when creating his multi award winning mixtapes.  In fact DJ Emir is One of the only Mixtape DJs to consistently produce ultra high quality mixtapes that remain people’s favorite mixtapes and DJ mixes for years to come.

Many of DJ Emir’s award winning mixtapes are still in heavy rotation in peoples cars, homes, parties, events and even nightclubs around the world. And depite when each CD came out they still to this day continue to recieve more and more awards and accolades as more people discover these Ultra Hot Mixtape CDs.

DJ Emir's Star Wars Dark Side Shift Mixtape CD

DJ Emir's Star Wars Dark Side Shift Mixtape CD

DJ Emir’s “Star Wars Mixtape” was the first to recieve multiple mixtape and DJ awards and really helped start garnering attention for DJ Emir from the entertainment community and internet blogosphere and websites.  This Mixtape was followed up by the “Last Dragon Mixtape” which featured small clips from One of Emir’s favorite childhood movies, “The Last Dragon” featuring Tai Mak as Leeroy Green A.K.A. Bruce Leeroy and of course who could ever forget “Sho Nuff” the self proclaimed “Shogun of Harlem” With such a crazy dialog and over the top lines from this Kung Fu and Breakdancing cult classic, how could the mixtape be anything less than a classic mixtape? This great mixtape featured a ton of great reggae, special remixes and great hip hop music along with classic Last Dragon Movie lines lines like “Who’s the Master? SHO-NUFF!” DJ Emir’s hot Last dragon Mixtape recieved a few awards for itself and was immediatly followed by DJ Emir’s ode to another Kung Fu Cult Classic, Jacki Chan’s “Drunken Master”

The Last Dragon Mixtape CD

The Last Dragon Mixtape CD

DJ Emir’s Drunken Master Mixtape features great mixtape blends that Emir  does live at various events and nightclubs around the world. With several famous lines from the English dubbed version of  Jacki Chan’s Drunken Master this is sure to become a favorite mixtape for many Kung Fu movie fan’s around the world.

DJ Emir's Drunken Master Mixtape CD

DJ Emir's Drunken Master Mixtape CD

DJ Emir litterally transformed his DJ style and techniques to include many more blends, remixes and mashups on hs next mixtape which was rightfully named the Transformers Mixtape futher highlighting the extreme makeover DJ Emir had undergone between his Mixtape Volume 8, The Drunken Master Mixtape and Mixtape Volume 9, The Transformers Mixtape.

DJ Emir's Transformers Mix Tape CD

DJ Emir's Transformers Mix Tape CD

The Transformers Mixtape stepped up the mixing a few notches and ended up having 62 tracks of astounding mixes loops, blends, party breaks and scratches. Emir was so impressed with the CD he made sure everyone knew about it by sending it to as many magazines, blogs and newspapers he could get a hold of.  Within a few months tons of blogs, newspapers and magazines had added featured articles about Emir’s incredible mixtape masterpiece and One of them named Emir’s Transformers as their Mixtape of the Year, and even took it One step further labeling Emir as their DJ of The Year as well. When people are at DJ Emir’s events and look at the track listing for the Transformers Mixtape and for the Iron Man Mixtape for the first time,  their response is almost always the same, “How do you fit 62 tracks onto One CD?” DJ Emir’s response has been the same everytime… “By Mixing!”

By mixing the way he does when he is live on stage, Emir is able to fit more songs into an hour and half than most DJs fit in their Four hour sets. With songs recieving One to Two verses per song and ultra sharp quick mixes Emir keeps the party moving and keeps the mixtapes sounding fresh all the way to the end. A firm believer in Bruce Lee’s philosophy that ‘Flowing Water Never Stagnates” DJ Emir makes sure that his mixes don’t stale out or stagnate by constantly keeping them in motion.

Emir’s belief in constantly mixing and keeping the music fresh and lively continued straight into his next set of hot mixtapes, The Iron Man Mixtape and The Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape. DJ Emir’s Iron Man Mixtape stepped it up yet another notch taking the styles of mixes featured on the Transformers mixtape and adding the hard style intro Emir had created on The Star Wars Mixtape and a few hard lines from The Iron man Movie, Ludacris and KRS One.

Iron Man Mixtape CD

Iron Man Mixtape CD

On The Iron Man Mixtape Big Rog of Pleazure Entertainemnt had kept pointing out that Emir had made many hot mixtapes since his volume 6 but none had ever duplicated or exceeded the Introduction that was featured on his Mixtape volume 6, the The Star Wars Mixtape. So Emir was on a serious mission to out do his previous mixtape intros and introduced the hardest mixtape introduction ever produced.

Scratching and slicing in bits and pieces from Ludacris’ “Tell It Like It Is” and KRSOne’s “The DJ” to create an intro that litterally disses every last DJ out there who is lacking skill and who is lacking a strong business sense. Emir’s Mixtape started so damned hard and never let up that it received complete attention from DJs, mixtape websites, magazines, blogs and mixtape fans everywhere. Emir went to work on this mixtape, he cut up some tracks with the crossfader and his record control to show what it sounds like when a Real DJ puts together a Real Mixtape.

Big Chew from Rapmullet was quoted saying “Emir was Transforming The F** outta the remix too” and “This joint is 60+ tracks long tons of skill…If you’re into party joints this is def the mixtape series for you. Shout to Emir for keeping mixtape hope alive, it is appreciated man…thanks.”

Jay from The Great Hip Hop Blog went to town in two of his paragraphs describing the Iron Man Mixtape

The monster mix session known as The Iron Man Mixtape is a monumental movement to bring back the true essence of real mixtapes, that is bring back mixtapes that are actually mixed. Real scratches, transforms, mixes, juggles, remixes, blends and dope overall DJ skills, yes folks, that’s what real mixtapes are made of. Gun Shots, excessive yelling, lack of creativity and compiling songs just to get them out faster than the other guy… That’s what fake mixtapes are made of.

Time and Time again DJ Emir manages to put out some of the best Real mixtapes we’ve ever heard. He mixes so fast and hard that Emir plays, as KRS One put it in his song the DJ “Only One to Two verses, just keep the party moving” Emir’s mixes are hard fast and smooth, the entire mixtape flows from one song to the next with dope transitions and even tighter remixes. How else do you fit 62 tracks on One CD?!”

And Vanessa Described DJ Emir’s Iron man Mixtape  by stating:

“DJ Emir’s quick mix style is what gives his mixtapes their intense energy and wow factor. It also is the reason Emir is able to jam over 60 tracks of heat into his mixtapes. The Iron Man Mixtape really lives up to the “Real Mixtapes” standard and continues the legacy of great mixtapes that the djemir.com franchise has come to stand for. The quality of the mixes and the overall production on the mixtape is superb.”

DJ Emir The Greatest Mixtape & Nightclub DJ of All Time
Tribute To Michael Jackson The Greatest of All Time

Badder Than Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute

Badder Than Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute

A few months after the Iron Man Mixtape had reached a high point in popularity tragedy struck and the world lost one of it’s greatest entertainers, Michael Jackson. Many DJs rushed to get their tribute mixtapes out as fast as possible. Emir rather than rush out his mixtape spent a week just listening to Michael Jackson original WAX 12″ record singles, 45’s and Record Albums and just vibing to Michael Jackson’s great music. But when he started hearing all the various mixtape tributes, Emir realized only a few people in the world can really put together a proper mixtape tribute for the greatest entertainer of all time. SO Emir set forth to put out the Greatest Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape. It took some serious research, a few days of putting together some hot remixes and then Mixing and mastering the final mix down to create “Badder Than Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape

On “Badder Than Bad” Emir took his mixtape production skills up yet another notch unleashing furious mixtape transitions and extreme blends to create a Michael Jackson Mixtape worthy of representing the King of Pop’s music. Emir made sure to present music and remixes from every era of Michael Jacksons illustrious career as well as add in various artists that sampled Michael Jackson’s songs as well as others that were inspired by Michael’s music and remixed them over Michael’s music or Michael over their music mixing and blending up new masterpieces the way only DJ Emir can.

Some people say that through death many things are re-born. Michael Jackson was reborn when he passed away. Millions started relistening to classic Michael Jackson Tracks. Some DJs like Emir still played a ton of Michael Jackson Rock With You, Billie Jean, I Wan’t You Back and other hits while Michael was still alive, but after his death tons of DJs that normally didn’t play Michael were once again doing so and BDS radio stations reported his singles from years gone by had climbed the charts back to top ten positions. Thousands of DJs were making mixtapes and tribute mixes, and nightclubs were having Michael Jackson Tribute Parties every week. Still only a few DJs really brought through the true power of Michael Jackson’s music in their mixes. The Best of the Best to do so was DJ Emir, his Badder than Bad Mixtape tribute became the single best Michael Jackson Tribute to hit the streets. It makes sense, if you have One of the best mixtape DJs in the world, and a DJ that was used to playing a ton of Michael Jackson in the clubs before he passed away that his mixtape would be the best Michael Jackson Mixtapes.

Basically the overal premise here is: DJ Emir makes dope mixtapes, they are worth every penny and more because he puts his all into every mixtape and evry mixtape is unique, with a unique theme that runs throughout the mixtape tying and binding the mixtape together. Have a listen for yourself at www.djemir.com and get your copy of the world’s hottest mixtapes today. – Vanessa V. from GHB

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